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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Culbertson’s performs in-plant and in-home upholstery cleaning.  Wondering how to decide between in-plant and on-site cleaning?  Due to many variables involved, it’s best for you to Contact us regarding your particular situation.  We’ll advise you on the best course of action.  Remember, we also clean car mats and seats as well as motor home carpet and upholstery at our plant as well as on-site.


Getting ready for a special event or just want your items cleaned due to everyday use?

It doesn’t take long for fabric furnishing to accumulate dirt and show wear.  Upholstery cleaning can add years of life to fine furniture by bringing back original coloring and removing dirt and harsh particles that cause fiber damage.  Our cleaning experts use special products, equipment and methods to keep your upholstery clean.  Initial vacuuming, spot treatment, shampooing and frame polishing are among our services.  Take advantage of having our staff coming to your home and clean your upholstery on-site.  This alleviates the inconvenience of having your furnishings away from your home for an extended period of time.  We have gentle, effective cleaning agents for just about any material including synthetic fabrics, cotton and cotton blends, Haitian cotton, velvet, velour, and leather.  We even dry-clean finer fabrics and can clean most upholstery right in your home.  There may be times we recommend in-plant services detailed below.


Need your furniture out of your home for a few days up to a month?

When remodeling your home or in the middle of construction, painting and major spring cleaning, let us pick up your upholstery, whether that is medical friendly upholstery or any other type, clean it and store it up to 30 days before returning it. Moving? Let Culbertson’s pickup your upholstery for cleaning, and then deliver your cleaned upholstery to your new home within the Salem area.

This allows you the ability to work freely without worrying about your fine furnishings.

Furniture is expensive to replace and can be difficult to maintain.  The variety of materials used and the various manufacturing techniques used require well-trained and experienced upholstery cleaners using care and judgment.  We have a climate-controlled environment at our plant in Salem that allows our staff to work on stubborn stains and spots that would not be accomplished in the home.  There are some fabrics that require special drying times and grooming that would be better accomplished in our plant rather than attempting to perform this work out in the field.

Call us or come in and visit our facility so that we can introduce you to our company.

Pickup and Delivery:

We pick up and deliver in most areas of Linn, Marion, and Polk counties.  Please Contact us for details and minimum requirements.  Bring in your pieces for cleaning and enjoy our 20% cash & carry discount.

One-time or regular cleaning:

We offer cleaning on both an incidental and contract basis.  Please Contact us on spotlessflorida dot com for pricing.

Health Tip:

Remember, cleaning your carpets, having furniture upholstery, area rugs and blinds at least twice a year dramatically reduces your risk of colds and flue.  If you have allergic reactions to animals, dust, mold, pollen or other environmental allergens, getting your carpets & upholstery regularly cleaned will improve how you feel.

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