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Feather Pillow Cleaning

We can take your old feathers pillows and make them new again.  We take the feathers out of your old pillow machinepillow and we fluff them back up and sanitize them at the same time.  The Feathers or Down is then transferred into a new ticking.

We can even add more Feathers or Down if some has been lost over the years, or if you just want to add a little more for comfort.

We can also combine pillows into one pillow.

Some people ask:
“What is the difference between Feathers and Down”?

“Feather” pillows are stuffed with chicken feathers, and sometimes you can feel the quills through the ticking material.

“Down” pillows are stuffed with goose or duck feathers, and their quills are very small and soft, and you won’t be able to feel them through the ticking material.

“Ticking” is the fabric which is used to make the pillow that holds the feathers.

Culbertson’s offers a wide variety of ticking colors and we carry the following sizes of ticking:


If you need one custom sized, we can cut down any of the 3 sizes of ticking to match any odd sized pillows you might have. There is an extra charge for cutting to size. Call us for a quote.

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