Air Duct Cleaning

air duct cleaning before and after

Every heating and cooling system depends on the flow of air. As this air circulates, it picks up some of the lint, dust particles, animal dander and other types of particles.

It then deposits these particles back in the ducts where it collects and builds up only to re-circulate again.

This normally occurs in every home or office.

When you replace an older furnace with a newer, more efficient or powerful unit, it will tend to take any loose debris that might be in your ductwork and distribute it throughout your home or office.

Air duct cleaning will benefit your family’s health by relieving indoor allergies and respiratory problems. It will prolong the life of your entire heating and cooling system and will reduce the cost of operating your system.

Air duct cair duct cleaning before and after leaning also increases your cooling and heating efficiency, plus less time is spent dusting and cleaning your home.

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