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Binding up a Rug

So you have some extra carpet laying around and you not sure what to do with it?

Have the edges bound to give it that “Finished” look and use them as traffic area protectors or as a floor mats for muddy feet.

You have a handmade rug that the sides and/or ends are showing wear, and you want to protect it from coming apart?

Have it rebound or reserged to protect the rug from coming apart, and to give it some new life.

Do you have space on the wood floor that could use throw rug or two, but you can’t find one you like or the color is all wrong?

Find a piece of carpet that you like or use up some of that left over carpet. Let us cut it to the size you like or need  and we can Bind or Serge it for you.

Binding is the process of securing the edge of  a rug or carpet with polyester or cotton binding tape so that it doesn’t unravel.  It also give the rug or carpet a nice finished looking edge.

Serging is the process of  loop stitch around the edge of a rug using 100% Cotton yarn. It is most commonly used on Hand Made Rugs, to give it a more finished look.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Frequently used carpet should be professionally cleaned by a qualified technician at least annually – perhaps a little longer interval for infrequently used carpet and even sooner for carpet in homes occupied by respiratory sensitive or allergic persons; or in homes with indoor pets. Get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland to get the best carpet cleaning service.

 Below is a list that Professional Carpet Technicians use on frequency of vacuuming and carpet cleaning:

Light Soil:
Vacuum once a per week /Carpet cleaning traffic areas only every 12 to 18 months.

Normal Soil  (families with children or elderly):
Vacuum once a per week /Carpet cleaning traffic areas only every 6 to 12 months.

Heavy Soil (families with pets or smoking):
Vacuum once a per week /Carpet cleaning traffic areas only every 3 to 6 months.

Stairs/Mantles/Decks Carpeting:
Vacuum with the best vacuums for stairs you can find, atleast once a month – preferably twice a month.

Carpet Raking and Grooming

A grooming rake can be used for more than just grooming.

A grooming rake is a great tool for cleaning your carpets with your vacuum cleaner.
By brushing and grooming your carpets first you can:

  • Breakup up dirt for ease of vacuuming.
  • Break loose dirt from carpet fibers for a better clean.
  • Loosen pet hairs that maybe embedded in the carpet fibers, so that it can be vacuumed off more easily.

All these things will improve carpet life and the feel of the carpet under your feet, as well as keeping it cleaner than just vacuuming alone.

We carry these brushes at are office for purchase.  Stop by and pick one up.

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